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Digna is the game-changing Data Quality Platform that effortlessly uncovers anomalies and errors in your Data with Artificial Intelligence.

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In a Nutshell


Profiling and Alerting

Digna creates profiles of your Data. A profile is a set of statistics calculated in a given time period. Digna’s unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm learns the pattern of these profiles and automatically identifies anomalies.


Dashboard and Collaboration

Connect your Data Source and configure the tables or views directly in Digna’s Dashboard. Manage the alerting, analyze the detected anomalies and share interesting insights with your colleagues in a few clicks.


On-Premise and SaaS

Install Digna directly on your local infrastracture or in a private cloud.  Or get Digna as a Service. Either way, Digna ensures that your Data is always in trustful hands and that the resources are carefully utilized.

Reduce Operating Costs


Data Corrections

Data Errors are problematic if they are detected too late. Data corrections are costly and cause delays in the downstream process. Digna immediately detects Data errors so that you will never experience these issues again.


Manual Rules

You control Data Quality by creating specific rules. But creating accurate rules is expensive and maintaining these rules is cumbersome. Digna automatically learns rules in your Data without any human interaction.

root cause

Root Cause Analysis

You find a Data Error in a management report and spend hours or days to find the root cause in the Source. With Digna you can inspect your Data at its core and find the problem before the management report is created.

Accelerate Decision-Making


Reliable Reports and Models

High Data Quality is the basis for reliable business reports and accurate machine learning models. Digna keeps track of your Data Quality so that you can focus on creating detailed reports and advanced models.

data driven

Accurate Data-Driven Decisions

At the core of every good Data-Driven Decision lies reliable Data. Digna makes sure that no erros remain undetected in your delivery process so that you can always trust in your Data and your Decisions.


Trustful Data Provider

Your data is the fuel for innovative projects. The requirement for a successful project is the quality of your Data. Digna provides you the confidence in your Data to bring the projects to success .


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